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Adopting political tactics at synod is understandable, but misplaced

Distinctly Catholic: The potential for genuine synodality makes me hope that those who want change, even those who want change I would applaud, will give Pope Francis some wiggle room.

As midterms loom, Catholics push for higher voter turnout in El Paso

In heavily Latino El Paso, Texas, local Catholic leaders and advocates are working to register voters, increase turnout among those registered and educate citizens on issues.

Pope Francis has unshackled the church from the death penalty

Tepid on capital punishment when he spoke before U.S. Congress in 2015, Francis has now separated himself from the wafflers. Will his stand against executions reach parish pulpits?

Parish roundup: Portland homelessness; cry rooms; IDs for immigrants

The Field Hospital: Portland Catholics explore ways to help the homeless; questioning cry rooms; parish copes with reconfiguration, sex abuse fallout; comeback for old-time devotions.

Modern hate's anti-Catholic roots

Book Review: Do Catholics who oppose immigration to the United States today know that they join a long tradition deeply rooted in anti-Catholicism?

Three (and a Half)-Step Plan for Reforming the Church

By Jennifer Roback Morse | Faithful Catholics are understandably distressed over the scandalous revelations about our church. Sexual abuse of minors, sexual harassment of seminarians, cover-ups...

The Bishops That Never See Their Dioceses, Does a Rainbow Flag Belong in a Church, and More Links!

By Tito Edwards | The Bishops Who’ve Never Seen Their Dioceses - Ned Donovan, Catholic Herald+++ Ten Tips to Conquer the Sin of Envy – Fr. Ed Broom O.M.V., Catholic Exchange Does a Rainbow Flag Belong...

Pope Pius XI and the Theotokos

By Stephanie Mann | On the Roman Calendar of the 1962 Missal promulgated by Pope St. John XXIII, Oct. 11 is the Feast of the Divine Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This feast was proclaimed in an encyclical letter issued...

#BigFertility: A New Documentary on Surrogacy

By John Grondelski | Kelly Martinez has been a surrogate mother three times (in addition to being a mother to the children in her home). Her first surrogacy bore twins for two French homosexuals. Her second surrogacy brought a...

The Red Hat Report: Should Laypeople Investigate Cardinals?

By Judy Roberts | When Philip Nielsen set out as a concerned Catholic layman to respond to what he saw as a lack of transparency in Church governance, he knew he could expect opposition. Indeed, he has...