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In synod reports, groups stress importance of spiritual mentors for young

Young people crave spiritual mentorship, but such guides must to be trained to accompany younger Catholics today, according to the second round of reports from the synod's English-speaking working groups.

World's superiors general to ask for greater women's voice at synod

Vatican City - The two umbrella groups representing male and female religious orders are planning to present Pope Francis with a proposal to give women a larger role in future synods.

Justice Action Bulletin: Injunction delays end of temporary protected status

The latest news on active nonviolence: Washington declares death penalty unconstitutional; sanctuary updates in Philadelphia and Charlottesville, Virginia; judge temporarily holds off end of TPS

Lives of love: Pope Francis canonizes Pope Paul VI and Archbishop Romero

The canonizations of Pope Paul VI and Archbishop Óscar Romero did not occur without controversy.  

Morning Briefing

Morning Briefing: Inter-Orthodox feud in Eastern Europe; Combatting daily forms of racism in Cincinnati; Bishops, sisters talk declining numbers of US women religious; Evangelical leaders praise Trump after pastor's release; A church for sale in Abilene, Texas

Data mining gets religion as campaigns target voters of faith

Powerful data-mining tools allow today’s campaigns to connect religious voters with their political viewpoints and to micro-target ads to fit their particular brand of faith.

My immediate reaction was to back down

Soul Seeing: Years ago, the Catholic Guardian Society purchased a home in my Brooklyn neighborhood with a plan to convert it to a residence for adults with developmental disabilities. My neighbors were determined to block it.

St. Óscar Romero: witness to God's love in the face of corruption

Simply Spirit: Amid growing consternation about my country and about my church, the words of St. Óscar Romero help me remember who I am and who I am called to be.

Francis, the comic strip

Francis, the comic strip: It seems Francis himself has recognized the humor inherent in being pope. "Francis," the comic strip, picks up on that cue.

Eastern Europe's Catholics steer through inter-Orthodox feud

As the Orthodox ecumenical patriarch goes ahead with plans to recognize an independent church in Ukraine, despite harsh Russian reactions, Catholic Church leaders across Europe have been keeping their distance from the inter-Orthodox row.