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Chicago priest's effort to build community earns CCHD leadership award

Days before his 27th birthday in 2013, O'Donnell arrived at St. Columbanus Parish in Chicago's South Side Park Manor neighborhood and since then has embraced his ministry to the African-American community.

Emboldened by embassy move, Israel unleashes on Palestinians

From the outset, the Jerusalem embassy move was ill-conceived and extremely premature. Trump has effectively preempted the outcome of the Jerusalem issue and made a mockery of U.S. mediation and impartiality by declaring solely for the Israeli side.  

Critics want Matt Flynn out of governor's race for role in sex abuse litigation

Matt Flynn, a prominent Wisconsin Democrat running for governor, has come under attack by critics who say he participated in allowing abusive priests to continue in ministry and for aggressively pursuing legal fees against their victims who sued the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

Morning Briefing

Morning Briefing: Pope gets praise for moves on sex abuse, Poor People’s Campaign in its second week and a young adult ministry summit in D.C.

Pope to meet with second group of abuse survivors from Chile

The pope will meet June 1-3 with "five priests who were victims of abuses of power, of conscience and sexual abuse" at the hands of Chilean Fr. Fernanando Karadima or his followers.

Confirmation gives Catholics strength to be led by God, pope says

Everyone who has received the sacrament of confirmation has received the gift of the Holy Spirit, who guides them and gives them the strength to follow God's will, Pope Francis said.

Francis cardinals make up almost half of electors of next pope

Soon, Pope Francis will have chosen almost half the men who will pick his successor. On June 29, he will create 14 new cardinals, continuing to break tradition by passing over the archbishops of large European and American archdioceses. 

Vatican needs new means to adjudicate bishops' roles in sex abuse

Though the Vatican has offered proposals to create a specific body charged with hearing cases of episcopal negligence or malfeasance regarding clergy sex abuse, there still remains no clear process — and indeed no clear authority — to assess these charges.

Appalachia isn't all white, all poor, all passive

Book review: Another wave of fixation with interpreting Appalachia and its uses has cropped up in the media. Two recent books "talk back" to the current revival of Appalachian culture of poverty story.

Spain's Catholic Church confronts Basque group's new peace pledge

Known by its Basque acronym, ETA, the militant separatist movement with Catholic ties has apologized to its victims — more than 850 killed over five decades — and announced its dismantling.