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Francis: Pause on German bishops' communion proposal to ensure 'good path'

Aboard the papal flight from Geneva: Pope Francis said he was not "hitting the brakes" when he asked Germany's Catholic bishops to set aside proposed national guidelines on allowing Protestants married to Catholics to receive Communion.

Forgiveness turns evil into good, pope tells Catholics in Geneva

At the end of a day dedicated to celebrating 70 years of an ecumenical fellowship forged by the World Council of Churches, Pope Francis turned to the region's Catholics, reminding them of what lies at the heart of the faith.

Parishioners in Kenya disappointed after priest suspended for rapping

Many parishioners at St. Monica Church in western Kenya are unhappy after their favorite priest was suspended for misconduct by the Diocese of Homa Bay.

Francis calls World Council of Churches to be more missionary

Geneva: Pope Francis has called on the fellowship of 350 Christian denominations known as the World Council of Churches to be more missionary in its approach, warning the ecumenical organization against adopting "worldly ways of thinking" during a one-day visit here for its 70th anniversary.

McCarrick verdict is the latest marker on the road to conversion

After years of covering up the sexual abuse of children, a regime of transparency and accountability is firmly enough in place that not even a cardinal can be considered above the law.

Former parishioners of Our Lady of the Rosary in Detroit miss how it used to be

The Field Hospital: The congregation at Our Lady of the Rosary in Detroit has always been small, but parishioners say that attendance at Sunday Mass is about a third of what it used to be. Some say the reason is that the parish is now an oratory and Fr. Daniel Jones pastor.

Francis, the comic strip

Francis, the comic strip: It seems Francis himself has recognized the humor inherent in being pope. "Francis," the comic strip, picks up on that cue.

Parish becomes intercultural

Young Voices: Becoming one holy family at Holy Family Parish in Cincinnati is a process. But we — parishioners from both the United States and Guatemala — are getting there, using some formal initiatives and building an intercultural community in small ways every day.

Trump signs order to keep migrant families together, zero tolerance in place

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday, allowing immigrant families to remain together, a pivot after officials spent days defending the administration's zero tolerance policy.

Out of this world: Vatican's care for creation includes final frontier

No periphery is far enough away to escape a pope's purview. Not even outer space.      From Pope Gregory XIII's observational tower built in the Vatican Gardens in the 16th century so celestial studies could aid the reform of the calendar to Pope Leo XIII, who officially re-founded the Vatican Observatory in the late 19th century, popes have kept their eyes fixed on the heavens.