A Welcome Place for All!



Basketball at St. Barnabas has been a highlight of parish life for our youth and families for many years.  Taking a hiatus for a couple of years due to our players and advisors becoming more a part of the Portsmouth public leagues, Basketball for parish teams is slated to be back for 2015!

For a successful program, the effort and commitment of several adults and a number of young players is an absolute must.  If you are an adult who is willing to mentor our youth in the sport, this could be your ministry!  If you are a boy or girl, 7 to 16 years of age, you could become part of a parish team!

All teams and coaches are subject to the regulations and requirements of the Catholic Athletic League of the Diocese of Providence.  Teams and player eligibility will be determined by the number of youth that indicate interest in participating in this fun and rewarding ministry.

To express your interest in participating, please contact:

Bill Blackburn