Ministry of Care

The journey of our lives is never set forth in a straight line.  Joys are accompanied by sorrows, and each new experience is a death of sorts.  For those times in the life of any parishioner when sorrow, grief or illness is front and center, the Ministry of Care is there.  This ministry touches us when we are the most vulnerable, thus inviting the very power and presence of God to heal us at our deepest self.  

This ministry is undergoing an expansion of sorts, inviting new ministers to step forward to become part of this rich and rewarding work.  Through personal contact with those in need, participants will encounter in themselves the power of the Spirit that they may not have fully recognized.  Interconnecting with other outreach ministries such as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Home, the St. Vincent DePaul Society, and Legion of Mary, it is hoped that those in most need of the healing presence of Christ will encounter it in our Ministers of Care.

For more information as to what may be available to you, both as a minister, or as one in need, please contact:

Christine Peideia
[email protected]