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Abortion Activists at Florida University Charged With Assaulting Police Officers


In the Daily Toil of Family Life, Grace and Consolations Abound


US tribes get bison as they seek to restore bond with animal

Dozens of bison from a mountain park outside Denver were transferred Wednesday to several tribes from across the Great Plains, in the latest example of Native Americans reclaiming stewardship over animals their ancestors lived alongside for millennia.

Serve Christ in the Spiritual Works of Mercy This Lent


The 10th Anniversary of Pope Francis’ Pontificate (March 18)


St. Patrick and the Buddha: More alike than different?

The congruence of the spiritual journeys of St. Patrick and the Buddha is so striking that you take a second look at the idea of reincarnation.

The Francis Effect podcast: Fox News defamation case; heresy among bishops

Listen: Heidi, Father Daniel and David discuss Dominion Voting Systems' lawsuit against Fox News, Bishop Thomas Paprocki's accusations of heresy against other bishops; and an exploration of the Holy Spirit.

Pope Francis seeks a synodal church that is always reforming

This pontificate has initiated a process of ecclesial renewal that implies a change in the understanding of the collective conscience of what it means to be church as People of God.