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Holy Week services go on in Paris despite Notre Dame fire

Losing a cathedral just as Holy Week begins would be the biggest logistical nightmare a bishop could imagine. Where to hold all those liturgies, how to accommodate all those people?

Be servants to one another, pope tells prisoners before washing feet

Jesus' gesture of washing his disciples' feet, an act once reserved to servants and slaves, is one that all Christians, especially bishops, must imitate, Pope Francis told hundreds of inmates and prison employees on Holy Thursday.

Man faces charges for trying to walk into cathedral with flammables

A man arrested by New York police after he tried to walk through St. Patrick's Cathedral with flammables late April 17 has been charged with attempted arson, reckless endangerment and trespassing.

Rwandan bishops apologize for letter urging release of old, ill convicts

Rwanda's Catholic bishops apologized for urging the release of some prisoners convicted for roles in the 1994 genocide, saying they realized by the reaction that they had caused much hurt.

South Sudan's Christian leaders say papal kiss is message of Easter

Pope Francis' surprise kiss on the feet of South Sudanese political leaders is the message of Easter, the country's Christian leaders said in a joint Easter message.

Pope to priests: Best place to be is among the people

Just as Jesus always sought to be with the people to serve, teach and heal them, so, too, must priests always be in the midst of God's people, "pouring ourselves out" for them, Pope Francis said.

Francis, the comic strip

Francis, the comic strip: Brother Leo has an Easter gift for Gabby.

The sacred triduum's symbols are sacraments that point to what is real

Distinctly Catholic: The symbols of the triduum — the water, the fire, the oils, the words — are powerful, but they are also sacraments, and they point to what is more real than anything we humans can imagine.

Copy Desk Daily, April 18, 2019

NCR Today: The Copy Desk Daily highlights the news and opinion that's crossed copy editors' desks, on its way to readers.

Via Crucis on US streets: Faithful accompany Jesus in his suffering

Thousands across the country participate in Good Friday Way of the Cross processions, connecting the dramatic events of Christianity's most solemn day to modern issues facing society.