Altar Servers

The Mass is the heart and soul of our worship of God.  It is the celebration that gives us the strength we need to live a Christian life. The Mass makes real and present the Last Supper, when Jesus instituted the Eucharist and told his followers, “Do this in memory of me.”  Although the Mass is a mystery, we believe that the bread and wine become the very Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  When we receive the Eucharist, we become more like Him.

To serve at the altar of the Lord, then, is to serve the Lord Himself!  What an honor and a privilege for all who do so.  As a young person in the parish, this ministry is of utmost importance, and should be entered only when ready and able to understand and fully respect who and what we serve.

Members of the parish who have received their First Communion are eligible to become an Altar Server.  Through careful training and the example of older and more experienced servers, those who begin this ministry are expected to show a good level of maturity and joy in their work for the Lord and the community.

Servers are assigned to various masses, coordinating both with the need of the parish and the schedule and convenience of the family.  After a period of initial training, the Altar Server can expect to serve approximately every two to three weeks.  There are also opportunities for the server to “fill in” or add his/her name to the list of those serving a special occasion throughout the year.  The ideal number of servers at any given Mass is three to four.

For more information, or to offer your name for the next training period, please contact theh parish office.