The Liturgy of the Word at Mass is a vital and essential part of each celebration of the Eucharist.  It is during this portion of Mass that we encounter the living Word of God through the Scriptures being proclaimed, and are nourished and refreshed for the work that still lay ahead of each of us in faith.  The men and women who proclaim the Word of God are charged with bringing the passages assigned to any given celebration to life for all of us who are listening.  

Lectors, then, perform a great service to the whole community.  Through the clear and articulate reading of the Scripture before them, they give voice to God present in the words.  A successful Lector will be one who is well prepared, who is rooted in prayer and faith, and who truly believes the very Word he/she proclaims.  Members of the parish who are confirmed or of a level of maturity and reverence fitting the ministry, are eligible to become Lectors.  There is a brief training process, and then Lectors will be assigned to each Mass, according to the needs of the parish and the convenience of the Lector and his/her family.  

For more information, please contact:

Denise McCarthy