A Welcome Place for All!

Music Ministry

St. Thomas Aquinas once said, “Those who sing, pray twice”.  Members of various Music Ministries within St. Barnabas Parish know well the truth of this, as do those who are the recipients of their gifts at Mass or in any number of liturgical celebrations.  Consisting mainly of three distinct music groupings, plus a Children’s Choir, our parish is blessed with a rich diversity of musical styles and traditions.  All with musical ability, through singing or playing of a musical instrument, are invited to consider being part of the Music Ministry.  Rehearsal times vary, as do schedules of performance.

To become involved in any way, please contact one of the following:

Saturday, 5pm. Choir:
     JoAnn Mello
     [email protected]

Rehearsals are generally held on Tuesdays at JoAnn’s Music Studio, Tiverton.  Subject to change, please check with JoAnn.

Sunday, 8am. Choir:
     Cecilia Heredia
     [email protected]

Rehearsals are generally held on Sunday morning just prior to Mass.  Subject to change, please check bulletin or call Cecilia.

Sunday, 10 or 10:30am Choir as well as Children’s Choir:
     Gael Berberick
     [email protected]

Rehearsals are generally held on Wednesday evening in the church for the adult choir, Monday afternoon for children.  Subject to change, please check the current bulletin, or call Gael.