Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of members of the parish who have been appointed by the Pastor.  They are a collective group that seeks to offer guidance to the Pastor, as well as work toward the consistent implementation of the Parish Mission and Vision.  Meeting bi-monthly, the Parish Council is kept abreast of all activities within the parish, as well as voicing the needs and suggestions of their constituents.

To contact the Parish Council with suggestions or concerns, please email:

The current memebers of our Parish Council are: 

Pastor: Very Rev. David G. Thurber Jr. 

President: Nora Tyer-Witek 

Vice President: Mark Bangs 

Secretary: Dick Hood

Members at Large:  John Beck 

                                  Marcia Blackburn

                                  Pat Carney

                                  Melissa Carty

                                  Christine Cavanaugh

                                  Michael Cockey

                                  Dan Corrigan

                                  Carol DeCosta 

                                  Marty Dutra

                                  Mary Lou Proulx

                                  Mike Rousseau

                                  Will Shipp

                                  Dcn. John Silvia

                                  Mick Souza

                                  Paul St. Laurent

                                  Jennifer Theriault

                                  Kate Varela