Stewardship Committee

Stewardship Committee

Stewardship  is a part of Catholic spirituality and life. Here at St. Barnabas we acknowledge the call for stewardship and strive to encourage our parishioners to give of themselves through their time, talent and treasure by getting involved in our ministries.

Stewardship is ...

Receiving God’s Gifts Gratefully
*    Accepting God’s gifts of life on this earth.
*    Accepting and acknowledging the talents God has given you.
*    Accepting financial success and what it enables you to accomplish
*    Accepting God’s forgiveness for our imperfections.
*    Accepting God’s help on a daily basis.

Nurturing God’s Gifts Responsibly
*    Taking care of your health
*    Taking care of your environment.
*    Taking care to organize your time fruitfully.
*    Taking care to use your finances wisely.

Sharing God’s Gifts With Charity & Justice
*    Giving time to your family, your parish, and your community.
*    Giving your talents for the good of others.
*    Giving your worldly possessions to those in need.
*    Giving financially in proportion to what God has given you.
*    Giving encouragement so that others will live a life of

Returning God’s Gifts in Abundance.
*    Leaving this earth a better place.
*    Leaving a legacy of generosity.
*    Leaving a spirit of love.
*    Leaving - having used every talent to its fullest.
*    Leaving NO DOUBT that God came first in your life.

Contact:      Mick Souza @ 846-5429