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Amid Pope Francis' anniversary, Catholics need a new 'Faithful Citizenship'

The US bishops have not written a new document on political engagement since Pope Francis was elected 10 years ago. It's time to craft a new document that reflects this pope's new vision for the church's role in public life, says Stephen Schneck.

Shaun Casey's new book a front-row seat to intersection of religion, foreign policy

Shaun Casey's Chasing the Devil at Foggy Bottom about his time at the State Department analyzes the role of religion in American foreign policy and is worth a read, says Michael Sean Winters in this review.

Pope Francis faces chance to radically reshape US Catholic hierarchy

At least 13 U.S. archdioceses and 21 dioceses could have new leaders by February 2025. That gives Pope Francis the chance to reshape the U.S. hierarchy by appointing bishops who better reflect his priorities.

Biden administration proposes steps aimed at reducing 'forever chemicals' in drinking water

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed in March the first federal limits on "forever chemicals" in drinking water, a move the Biden administration said will save thousands of lives and prevent some serious illnesses attributed to exposure to these chemicals over time.

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